“I Do” ..But I Don’t Want to Spend a Fortune

So you’re engaged! And nothing should hinder your excitement about that, certainly not money.

If you’re not willing to spend a ton of money, don’t give in.

We’re here to help and provide some tips to sprucing up your wedding, on a realistic budget!

Smaller, more intimate weddings can be a fun opportunity to focus in on the little details. Setting the stage for your beautiful day can be your responsibility, so make it you and make it fun! With the help of this blog– we encourage you to head to some estate sales, yard sales, garage sales, and any other type of shop that may have exactly what you need for exactly the price you want.

  • If you’re going for that country-style wedding, seeking out a couple of vintage wagons could add a lot to your ceremony and/or reception. Intimate Weddings suggests the concept of using a wagon for a too-young-to-walk flower girl or for beverages!
  • Collecting a variety of materials to use as a ‘backdrop’ for a photo spot is especially adorable. Using a bit of imagination, you can really make this your own and have it fit right in your wedding day theme.
  • While at a sale, it really wouldn’t hurt to ask the host if there are any mason jars stowed away. The possibilities are truly endless with those little guys.

What may help is checking out Pinterest as well. For those who aren’t internally designed to be DIY masters, a little inspiration goes a long way.

Saving money can be exciting and we hope that you find exactly what you need.

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